The Best Online Payment Processing Gateways for E-Commerce

Any website that operates an E-Commerce store must present effective credit card processing.  e-commerce solutions proposes the gold standard of open source online payment processing platforms available today. 

If you’re looking for the top e-commerce credit card processing resources online, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the top online payment processing solutions available in North America.

What makes a good payment processing solution?

The Best Online Payment Processing Gateways for E-CommerceDepending on the software solution that's powering your website, many alternatives may be available to you. website's are built using Drupal E-Commerce solutions which allows you to use customized modules for your online store. Using Drupal, you can make your online portal look like the dynamic e-commerce hub you want it to be. You can set up automatic payments processing, process credit cards manually, take advantage of mobile payments, service a wide variety of credit and debit cards, manage inventories, and conduct an assortment of actions and events for your online business.

Good payment processing solutions such as Drupal PSiGate payment gateway will offer a clean transaction process with background validation supporting  AVS and CVV security checks.  There are other more basic payment solutions such as and that offer a payment process handled outside the store's website (usually a popup box asking for your credit card information) but these solutions are less popular with professional websites.

Combining payment processing gateways may be another alternative for web stores that want to offer more flexibility to its customers when processing the payment. For example, you may want to offer Google Checkout, PayPal and  WorldPay as available payment options.

So where do I start?

1) Determine your currencies

It's always nice to offer multiple currencies when handling transactions in an E-Commerce store. However it may be complex to handle multiple currencies with a single payment processing gateway.

Globally, large scale solutions such as PayPal and 2Checkout support all currencies. However, more local and professional solutions available in North America will support solely Canadian and US dollars.

2) Select a gateway type (backend transaction or popup window?)

The payment part of your website may vary depending on the payment gateway you decide to work with. Some payment credit card processing providers such as PSiGate will offer background validation which allow us to handle transactions within the website. These advanced modules will also allow to process transactions manually, or even on a schedule using the Order Management software that's provided within Drupal's EntrepreneurWeb E-Commerce modules.

3) Select a good provider

No matter which online payment gateways you pick, it is crucial to find one that works for your business.  Look for a payment gateway that is flexible yet capable. For instance scheduled deposits may represent issues for some business when planning their cash flow.  Drupal combined with PSiGate is the solution for efficient online payment services and provides the flexibility all businessese need in order to be more efficient handling their online sales.



PsiGate (supports backend) CDN & USD

Moneris (popup window) CDN
Internet secure (popup window) CDN & USD
Beanstream (supports backend) CDN & USD
LinkPoint also know as First Data (supports backend) USD
2Checkout (popup window) CDN & USD
PayPal (popup window) CDN & USD 
Worldpay (popup window) USD 
ProtX (popup window) USD
iTransact (popup window) USD 
E-xact (popup window) USD


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