Creating Winning Content with Website Design and SEO

A truly successful website is an integrated product – one that is comprised of many different features and concepts that all combine for results. For example, your website’s look and user interface is important, as is its content and design.  Having all the pieces in place is the recipe for success – and missing important pieces is a recipe for failure.

Website design and SEO – search engine optimization – go hand in hand and are two of the most important components for a successful website. You cannot have a website truly succeed without both of these ingredients.

This article will talk about how website design and SEO can contribute to a winning website, and how you can create phenomenal content that draws in a steady stream of visitors to your website.  

How Website Design and SEO are Linked

When people think of website design, they typically envision how a website looks – its theme, background, user interface, graphics, font, and other aesthetic qualities. This is very important, but how a website is structured is also important.   A site’s internal architecture may not always be visible, but it is important because it impacts how users and search engines alike navigate your site.

SEO plays a role in web design because it is impacted by web design. A website that has a layout that is confusing and haphazard will turn off visitors, but will also damage the page’s search engine ranking because of how it messes with the site’s SEO.

Using Proper Links and Meta Tags

Two specific examples of how web design and SEO are linked come in the form of links and META Tags. First, we’ll discuss linking.

The pages in your site should be architected in such a way as to make it easy to navigate from one page to the other, for visitors and search engines alike. If this does not happen, a search engine can miss internal pages altogether – which means they are invisible to searchers and are essentially useless.  Designing your page with correct internal links and a strong and efficient sitemap boosts your SEO and makes the entire site as visible as possible.

META Tags are another example. META Tags, such as titles, headings, and descriptions, are a part of your website’s code. A search engine sees these tags and uses whatever is included in them in the display for your page when it shows up on a search engine results page.

By incorporating your keywords and phrases into your META Tags, you boost the visibility of your website to not only the search engine, but also the user.  This is why viewing web design and SEO as linked is crucial when creating your site and optimizing it for success. 


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