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What's in this online marketing and e-commerce guide?

• Introduction - The Strategy!

Selling online is a lot more than putting up a website, presenting your product and asking for the sale. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is when you keep trying what ten different "experts" tell you will work and get overwhelmed with a lot of work and little results. Success online is learning how to work smart.

• Selecting Your Market

By now, most of the popular products and services have extremely high competition, both from major corporations and entrepreneurs. Unless you have big pockets full of cash and are a savvy online marketer, you’ll find it difficult to be profitable online today in this crowded business atmosphere. Today the formula for success is to have an…

• Why Should Anyone Do Business With You?

Now that you have a market in mind, here’s how to begin building your reputation online. The way you position yourself and your product online will determine the type of customer you will be catering to. It will also determine what type of information you need to know about your customers to build a loyal relationship with. Here is a list of questions to answers that will help you determine “who” you really are!

• Optimizing Your Site

When people want to find something on the internet they turn to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. These search engines send “robots” across millions of online sites to figure out the key words about your site. Is it relevant to the subject being searched for?...

• Attracting People Online

Using Google Search Engine Optimization and AdWords™ to attract quality traffic. Google AdWords™ are the classified type ads on the right side of the Google Search Engine. Companies bid on their keywords to appear on the search engine’s first page. However the bid is not the only determining factor for placement at the top of the list. Google’s algorithm is very complex and they frequently change it. Besides your bid, they consider a series of elements in order to rank your ad in a certain place: These elements include: your ad copy, keyword relevancy and your website (landing page) copy...

• Selling Versus Lead Generation - Pros and Cons

People are looking for information to solve their problems or better their life. They are either running toward something positive for themselves or running away from something negative in their life.

It’s very difficult, not impossible, to sell someone directly from your website, the first time they arrive at your site. The more specific your product and your offer, the more likely a person looking for exactly this type of solution is to buy it that day. The other 95% of the people are......

• To Test or Not To Test

Testing is the key to any successful online selling program. Here you will be able to determine the cost per lead, cost per conversion and eventually average lifetime value of a customer. To test accurately, you must test one element at a time...

• Graphics and Copy

A website is the ultimate direct marketing medium. And direct marketing is not like mass advertising where you’re only trying to build your image. If that’s all you’re doing, you might as well put up a billboard in your back yard.

Remember, the sole purpose of your e-commerce website should be to capture the names of interested prospects, build a relationship with them and eventually sell them your product or service...

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FREE Online Marketing Guide! “Selling Online Strategies and Planning”

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