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FREE SEO Guide! The competitive edge of an SEO Ready WebsiteWhat's in this online marketing and SEO guide?

• The truth about Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is essentially a highly optimized way to advertise services online. This organic or “algorithmic” approach to online marketing takes away the “chance” of advertising, and instead focuses efforts on targeted customers. By performing Search Engine Optimization procedures, a company can increase its website visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN...

• Search Engine Rankings Matter

Studies have shown that most online viewers are satisfied with the top 10 or maybe 20 search results when returned from a major search engine. You yourself can probably attest to this fact. Most of the information we need to know for a specific keyword will be answered within the top 20 websites we find. For a user to look beyond the top 20 websites would indicate a niche...

• How Search Engine Optimization Works

There are two factors to understand in SEO: performing technical optimization and publishing creative content. The first step to Search Engine Optimization is by ensuring that you know how to perform search engine optimization. While this step may seem complex to most Internet viewers, to those experienced in web publishing it’s just a matter of taking a few simple steps...

• The Wrong Way to Do SEO

Ever since 1997, unscrupulous companies have attempted to exploit search engines for their own commercial gain. However, search engine companies have consistently fought back to keep the market fair. Unfortunately, low quality SEO firms and individual webmasters are still using underhanded tactics (black hat SEO or spamdexing) to cheat their way to the top of the list. The most common errors made in SEO include...

• The Latest Trends in SEO

In recent years, there have been greater efforts by webmasters and SEO specialists to increase rankings based on the number of back links. The popularity of article directories sites allows web companies to increase their own popularity through back linking while also establishing expert credibility. Even if a website itself has no instant popularity, it can slowly but surely earn traffic and...

• Can Search Engine Optimization Help You?

Can Search Engine Optimization help you? It’s definitely worth considering, regardless of what business you are in. Practically any online or brick and mortar business can benefit from an SEO-ready website. One of the basic rules of business is that there should always be something happening. New products are released and so the market talks about them. New services are offered and so questions are asked and answered. New trends are......

• The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

There are many benefits to investing in SEO. Search Engine Optimization already has a tremendous advantage over traditional advertising venues. TV, radio and print advertising is expensive and there is no guarantee of reaching your targeted audience. With SEO, you are only reaching your targeted audience—people who are looking for information or products that concern your business. Let’s review 5 benefits of using SEO...

• Other SEO Opportunities

Remember that just as Search Engine Optimization evolved from Internet advertising, so is general SEO now branching off into specific venues. We have local searches, industry-specific searches and even image and video searches. A search engine-friendly website is truly competitive because it involves a variety of venues and channels all coming together to establish a strong online presence. Even when it comes to web design...


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FREE SEO Guide! “The competitive edge of an SEO Ready Website”

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