How a Website Design Can Affect SEO and Website Search Engine Positioning

At first, optimizing a website following a keyword strategy seem like an easy science to master.  However, there are technical issues involved that may be challenging to the website's company owner who is not experienced with advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques.  A website lacking in proper keyword optimization will not be of much help to anyone.  In order for your content to be picked up by major search engines, and thus increase your site’s rankings, it is imperative to have an SEO-friendly web page design.

SEO Companies can help in the optimization of your website for search enginesWorking with an SEO company eliminates much of the optimization process to be done by the low-level author.  SEO Companies know that, ideally, a web page design is made SEO-friendly during the initial construction.  The domain should contain important keywords and the URL in the address bar should be easy to read with optimized keywords.  In other words, there should not be any strange %@% writing in the address bar.  Once you have written your keyword-friendly content, the SEO company will help to identify certain keywords that will make excellent links to other pages on the site.  This practice not only helps to establish link popularity but also makes it easier for spiders to search your website.

SEO Companies can help planning a web page design that will be simple, and searchable through text.  Webmasters are cautioned about using any multimedia content that doesn’t have text-searchable labels.  It helps tremendously to create an XML sitemap for the website.  An XML sitemap is a page that conforms to technical specifications, which helps search engines crawl a website more intelligently.  This is not the same thing as a simple web page with a variety of internal links.  An XML sitemap is a tool that feeds data to search engines on regular basis.  Without easily accessible links, you are practically marketing one page.  Webmasters want search engines to index as many pages as possible, so linking at this stage is critical. 

It is important to use Meta TagsNext, after completing basic web page design, focus on adding more keywords to your images, alt text, META tags, website description and page title.  The directive of an SEO company is to first optimize the site and then concentrate on producing new content.  When possible, bold your keywords.  Provide anchor text in order to encourage clicking within and in some cases outside the site (when the outside link is relevant to your business).  Use important keywords towards the top of the page and consistently throughout the content.

JavaScript coding in the header section of a website, and CSS styles on every page, can impede search engine spiders that are crawling your site.  Efficient crawling happens when there is relevant keyword text placed close to the top of the page.  If there is a lot of confusion at the top (thanks to special coding), the search bot will give up and move on to the next page.  One solution is to move the JavaScript and CSS styles off the page and into external files.

Entrepreneur Web Technologies can help with these steps and make your web page design SEO-friendly.


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