Local Search Engine Optimization—More Effective Than a Billboard

Are you looking for information on local Search Engine Optimization? In the old days, local advertising came down to two crucial points: your signage and your phonebook listing. While signs are still relatively important to a local business, they are no longer the primary advertisement, but the “guiding” ad. In other words, a new customer is more likely to read about your store from other sources. Once his interest is piqued, he will seek it out and the sign will direct him to the starting point.

Local Search Engine Optimization—More Effective Than a Billboard

What are the other sources involved in local advertising? Word of mouth, billboard ads, phone listings and flyers of course. A billboard ad is probably the most effective form of advertising, but it can cost you big money with no guaranteed targeting. Enter an effective new solution: local Search Engine Optimization. Local Search Engine Optimization involves writing new content for your website and increasing your popularity in the search rankings.

You might be thinking, “What’s the use?” I’m a local business and I can’t benefit from traffic coming in from Zimbabwe or the Congo. True, but international marketing is only an option, not a requirement. The fact is that many specialists excel when they tailor their Internet campaign to a local area. Local Search Engine Optimization can definitely help someone who is actively planning a local online marketing campaign.

By simply adding “____ in the east end of Montreal” or “Alberta ____” (with your profession accompanying the place) you can target people in your own locality. The big question is, are customers in your area really searching for localized businesses? For certain industries, absolutely. There are many businesses that require an in-person consultation and these searches are guaranteed to be localized. Furthermore, even customers that are looking for products or Internet services might enjoy the idea of meeting a company owner face-to-face to ensure he or she is trustworthy.

Local Search Engine Optimization is similar to niche marketing, because instead of focusing on the broad market, you are targeting a smaller group of people with a specific pitch. Studies have shown in recent years, that more companies are investing in “long tail keywords” (longer keyword descriptions with more detail) than broader keywords.

Local Search Engine Optimization can help you reach out to your community. If you have any doubt as to how successful this path might be, do keyword research on your community by name as well as your profession. You might be surprised at how many people are already looking for you.


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