An Overview of Website Design in Montreal, Quebec

Is it time to look into website design in Montreal?  If you are creating a website for Canadians near the city, then it’s only reasonable to customize your website content to include facts about the city you love.  Montreal is the second largest city in the country and has a population of 1,906,811.  French is the predominant language here, followed by English. 

Immediately, you can see that both the English and French language should be represented by your local-themed website.  Website design in Montreal is largely a text-based venture and should reach out to literate viewers.  Are you providing plenty of online content in both languages?  

Web Design MontrealMontreal is considered one of Canada’s most “livable cities” as well as the “cultural capital.”  It is a major city in economics particularly in commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals and technology.  When your company is ready to create a website design in Montreal, and one for Montreal citizens, stop to consider the cultural background of the city.  For example, the city is very concerned with French culture, French language and cinema/TV productions that are international.  It also shares many of the same interests with the entire country, such as jazz, rock music and theater.  The downtown area is particularly active as are the comedy festivals and film festivals. 

Website design in Montreal should aim to make the online experience very interactive for the average user.  Such a web designer might consider ways to incorporate local community events into the website.  Since the city is so big on festivals, be sure to make your website interactive and collaborative, bringing together customers, employees, associates and other contacts.

Web Design MontrealWhen incorporating website design in Montreal, try to address the living reality of the city.  Don’t appear distant to the local culture; instead, embrace it.  Show these people that you live the culture of Montreal every day.  People living in a community would sooner buy from their own people than an overseas stranger—assuming of course the price is right.  

If you want to reach customers in Montreal, plan for your website design in Montreal to reach out to popular Canadian search engines like and  The local business directory in Montreal is also a great place to start.  Targeting Montreal residents requires a savvy web designer who can customize a local pitch and make the web content pertinent to the lifestyle.  Montreal is a promising market so start localizing your business today!


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