Powerful Online Marketing Techniques You Cannot Ignore

E-commerce these days has become more and more competitive.  With the advent of Google™, the ability of a website to reach millions of potential customers skyrocketed – as did the number of competitors in the market. As a result, creating strategies to make a website unique and attractive to potential customers has become immensely important to e-commerce.

Whether your website is marketing a product, a service, or itself, it can benefit from online marketing techniques designed to harness the power of the internet and the search engines which beat at its heart.  This article will share with you some of the best and most powerful online marketing techniques online today, techniques that can boost your traffic and your bottom line.

Using Deep Linking to Add Relevancy

Link building is one of the most basic strategies in SEO today.  The more incoming links (links that target your website from other sites) you have, the more a search engine thinks your content is relevant to a particular subject.

But, if all these incoming links go straight to your home page, then Google™, for example, probably just thinks your website is shallow and one-dimensional – in other words, not very relevant. This punishes your ranking.

Instead, try to have incoming links to all of your pages in your domain. This shows Google™ that you have a robust and relevant website, as judged by its connections to the community of your chosen topic. You can develop deep linking by engaging in link-building campaigns that target specific pages, instead of just your homepage.

Social Network Marketing and Web 2.0

The advent of social media marketing on Facebook™, YouTube™, Twitter™, and tons of other social networking websites has given rise to the term ‘Web 2.0’ to define a community marked by collaboration, information sharing, and user-generated content.  You can take advantage of this growing trend to drive customers to your website and build your authority on a particular subject.

These days, every website owner should have the basics: a Twitter™ feed; a Facebook™ account; a blog; a LinkedIn™ account; and a YouTube™ account.  They’re all free, and they can all build up connections and put your website out there to the masses. 

Plus, as mentioned, it can build up your reputation as an authority on a particular subject.  One component of authority is presence, and the more you write or publish about your website’s subject, the larger a presence you have.

These online marketing techniques in and of themselves are powerful, but are even more so when used in conjunction with other advanced online marketing techniques employed by a SEO company. Using the services of an SEO company is another great idea for your site.


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