Why Flash Is a Bad Idea for Your Website

Adobe Flash is a dynamic multimedia and software platform that you've probably seen in use before in the form of dynamic graphics, animations, interactive content, streaming videos, and online games. It's also used to create websites and/or supplement them with dynamic visuals that look nice and do cool things.Flash is Bad for SEO

But unfortunately, using Flash too extensively – and depending on it to attract traffic – is bad news for your website performance when it comes to search engine traffic. Here, we'll talk about the impact of Flash effect on your website and how you can remedy it.

The Flash Effect impact for SEO

A lot of websites still use Flash extensively, but for search engine optimization purposes, they shouldn't. There are several reasons for this.

No Unique URLs

A website built in Flash doesn't generate unique URLs for each page. This is a big part of SEO; unique URLs help search engines better index your page and point users in the right direction.  This means your internal pages – those beyond the home page – will suffer in rankings.

Poor Site Crawlability

Flash breaks up a lot of the code on a website into small, half phrases and other snippets, especially when animating a text effect. This Flash effect means that search engines have a hard time crawling your website , meaning your indexing will not be as complete or thorough.

No External Linking

Flash content doesn't get a lot of external links, which is unfortunate since external links are so important to SEO website performance. Part of it is structural; often it is impossible to link to a specific part of a website completely or mostly created in Flash. The other part is cultural; people just do not like linking to Flash content unless it's a video game in most cases.

Bad Website Performance

Finally, one Flash effect is slow loading times for a website. Flash does slow down the loading of a site, no matter what some Flash experts will say. It can also require updates to web browsers that annoy users. You want maximum website performance; anything less can drive away users.

The Alternative to Flash

Alternative to FlashIf you want a highly-visual website without having to worry about the negative repercussions of Flash, there are a couple of solutions you can use.

One idea is to use ALT tags with highly appealing pictures. ALT tags are HTML labels that help crawlers read what the picture is supposed to be about. They are Google-friendly descriptors of visual content that search engines can index. ALT tags are a necessity for any visual content.

You can also download and use a SEO plug-ins for your website. SEO plug-ins should always be used, especially for WordPress sites; they can quickly accomplish the technical on-page SEO aspects a site needs.

ALT tags on images and SEO plug-ins are good ideas. So is contacting EntrepreneurWeb.com for more helpful information and guidance.

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