Why Your Website Needs an SEO Ready Programming Architecture Strategy

Does your website have an SEO ready programming architecture? If not, or if you’re not sure if it does, then fixing that problem should become a top priority, and fast.  Embarking on a search engine optimization campaign requires a multitude of resources, not to mention the time it takes to prepare your website for optimal performance.

Having SEO ready programming architecture in place helps to ensure that your campaign succeeds with the framework necessary for top performance.

This article will talk about the need to have a site architecture that is ready for SEO work, and cover how you can adopt an SEO ready strategy today.

How SEO and Site Architecture are Related

What, exactly, does your website’s architecture, the layout, design, organization, and technical specifications have to do with search engine optimization?

Your site’s architecture will go a long way in determining how effective your SEO campaign will be. After all, SEO is far more than picking out a few nice keywords and inserting them in your copy. You have to consider a full-fledged solution for optimal performance, which should include:

  • Easy-to-use internal site navigation
  • Simple URLs and directories
  • In-depth internal linking and deep linking
  • Compatible content management systems (CMS)
  • Working web server configurations and browser compatibility
  • Optimized dynamic content (including Flash)
  • Appropriate use of meta tags

All of those play into effective SEO, and all of them involve website architecture. Therefore, dealing with one means dealing with the other, for optimal performance.

Adopting a SEO Ready Programming Architecture Strategy

Coming up with a suitable strategy is pretty straightforward. Before you begin to think about adopting an SEO campaign, you need to look at your website and see if it can handle the needs of whatever SEO technique or program you will put into place.

Is your internal directory and sitemap up to snuff? Is it streamlined, efficient, and capable of allowing both search engines and visitors to quickly and effectively navigate your website?

Are your domain names and URLs optimized for top performance? Is there a CMS on your website that will give your website technical problems? Is your web server configured for peak potential, or will it snare your site in technical mishaps and cause compatibility problems with various web browsers and programs?

All of these questions have to be addressed first and foremost. You need to assess your environment to see if major work is needed before adopting SEO.  If you do not, then you can use all the SEO you want but your ranking will never improve, which would be a huge waste of resources.

Talk to professionals about a SEO ready programming architecture strategy today.


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