Winning the Marketing Battle with SEO Ready Website Design

A lot of clients these days approach SEO companies and ask one inevitable question: “Why isn’t my SEO working?”

The answer may vary, but typically it comes back to one, simple answer: Your website is not SEO ready!

What does that mean, exactly, to have SEO ready website design? Why is it important and why does the lack of suitable website design seem to cause problems with adopting SEO and making it work for a website?

The answer is simple. SEO ready website design matters because a website has to be set up in such a way as to maximize SEO techniques, practices, and content. If not, SEO will not be nearly as effective as it could be.

This article will discuss how you can win the marketing battle with SEO ready website design for your website or blog.

The Need for Proper SEO Design

seo-ready-website-designWhen SEO was just beginning, years ago, it was thought that merely adding keywords and phrases to content was good enough. And before Google™ came along and revolutionized the search engine industry, maybe it was.

Now, though, winning the marketing battle in the tight, competitive environment of the search engine industry as it stands today requires a lot more than keyword tricks.

A full-fledged, well-planned, and well-executed SEO campaign is the only way you can compete in a growing market, and that means having a website that can handle it.  For example, one major component of SEO involves having optimized directories, sitemaps, and navigational infrastructures in place to help visitors and search engines alike browse your website more efficiently.

Therefore, having your site or blog designed with SEO in mind is a necessity in this day and age.

The Advantage of SEO Ready Website Design

Imagine entering the market with a website or a blog.  You come up with a title, create some content, and set up a site, complete with a brand-new URL. 

Now, you need traffic. You start to use SEO, but after months, you realize that your ranking isn’t going any higher.

Now, imagine working with SEO designers to create a website that is SEO Ready from the beginning. It becomes easy to optimize your content, set up your internal pages and sitemap, and write your description and title META Tags.  Suddenly, in this scenario, your ranking soars.

This, in a nutshell, is the advantage of SEO ready website design. It helps you implement your strategy quicker and easier, which means your ranking rises in a shorter amount of time, and with less frustration. This is why SEO ready website design helps you win the marketing battle before it even begins, which gives you the competitive edge you need.


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